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#ARTISTSPEAK: Finding your aesthetic, with Harman Taneja

Hi! I’m Harman, an architect turned full time resin artist. The world of design has always fascinated me, and I have been inspired through a multitude of experiences that I have been lucky enough to go through. I spent 5 years of my life studying architecture, after which I went to the incredible town of Auroville for a year long… Read more →

River Tables : The Beauty of Epoxy Resin and Solid Wood

BohriAli is a company founded by non-designers. We have never attempted to hide that. We always felt a little out of place when people associated us with artists and design experts. Sometimes we were manufacturers, sometimes we were retailers- but there was something about these river tables, and the art of combining grand slabs of solid wood, with the fluidity… Read more →

Jesmonite in India: Everything you need to Know

We cannot believe the day is here when we can finally announce that we are bringing Jesmonite to India. We have always enjoyed playing with and testing out new materials, figuring out their properties and also a way for them to enter the mainstream of arts, crafts and DIY. Jesmonite is a revolutionary product, that we whole heartedly believe will… Read more →

Why is your Resin Hardening so FAST!

The summers are upon us, and the temperature is rising by the minute. This undoubtedly poses a significant challenge for resin artists, who suddenly find their resin curing and hardening at a lightning-fast pace. In this article, we go over best practices, hacks and systems so you can control your resin best through these super hot months!  Be mindful of… Read more →

How to: Photograph your Resin Art!

In our previous blog post and this episode of #HaksonsInHindi, we spoke about how important it is to visually communicate your product on social media and other platforms. Photography and basic videography of your resin art, have become important business skills, especially for small artist-entrepreneurs looking to build a community of supporters, and customers online.  Photography is not easy, and… Read more →

How to: Start selling your Resin Art fast!

Thanks to our jobs, over the course of the past 5 years we have interacted with a multitude of resin artists and small business owners who want to create and sell their works of art. Some as young as 17, and some as old as 70 we have interacted with the most diverse group of artists. Resin art is trending… Read more →

Resin mistakes: 5 common ones we see far too often!

Over the past few years, we have had hundreds of phone calls from distraught customers, who have messed up their resin art. Often it’s because of some fairly common resin mistakes that sometimes come out of some myths.  Resin is super easy to play with, but these mistakes can cause your art project to go to bust.  Resin Mistake #1:… Read more →

Haksons Pearl Pigments

Haksons Pearl Pigments: Everything you need to know!

At BohriAli, we love colour, which means that we love our pigments. In fact, Haksons were called “the Paint People”. When we created our Haksons Pearl Pigments, we wanted to make sure we created the highest quality product possible, that adds to works of craft to create a finish like no other. Made from Mica powders, and very finely mined… Read more →

How to: make a Resin Pendant with Haksons!

Epoxy Resin is a great material to use to make simple jewellery pieces, especially this resin pendant. Once cured, the resin is a long-lasting material and is therefore ideal to create pieces of jewellery that will last. Through #HaksonsPick, we have got the opportunity to see so many interesting accessories created with our resin. If you would like to try… Read more →

Safety with Epoxy Resin: All You Need to Know!

Epoxy Resin is undoubtedly our favourite product. We love how diverse, functional and aesthetic it is. We at BohriAli believe that epoxy resin can be used by all (adult) art enthusiasts. However, there are certain basic guidelines for safety with epoxy resin, that we hope you will follow. In this article, we have outlined safety protocols that you must follow… Read more →