#ARTISTSPEAK: Finding your aesthetic, with Harman Taneja

Hi! I’m Harman, an architect turned full time resin artist. The world of design has always fascinated me, and I have been inspired through a multitude of experiences that I have been lucky enough to go through. I spent 5 years of my life studying architecture, after which I went to the incredible town of Auroville for a year long internship. It was here that I was first introduced to the aesthetic of epoxy resin, and how it works. When I came back home to Delhi, I started working full time as an architect but I continued to dabble in resin art as a hobby.

The material was so fascinating, that I couldn’t stop creating.

At that point, I did not even know that epoxy resin was available in India. I used to order an international brand. But as I continued creating, with every new piece of art I made, I became more and more fascinated with the properties of this fairly unheard of material.

As my journey with art began, with every pour I learnt an incredible deal. I must’ve wasted so much resin in my journey to learn, I made a million mistakes but eventually I found my place.

I found my aesthetic.

I left my job, and made this “hobby” my livelihood . A friend was setting up an art market, and invited me to display some of the works I have created. That experience truly did change my life because of the adoration I saw. I couldn’t believe people liked what I made.

This acknowledgment gave me the push, the validation made me believe that I can do it. This was when, I saw that the BohriAli team was hiring and a took the next flight out to Pune. At my time in BohriAli, I created so much cool art and I became a part of a family.

My advice to aspiring artists, is that know there is a massive influx of resin artists. However, only a few are using the form tastefully. There is a market, and the market allows you to become stable if you define your work and ideology well.

Using Instagram, building your network and displaying your work is key.

Another important learning I have had, is that although the client comes with a photograph of what they want- it is critical to remember your identity as an artist. Add elements that make it you. That make it evident that this piece of art was created by you.

I learnt what my aesthetic is as I began artistry. I learnt, I like amoebic canvasses and bases, and hated structured corners. I used a bunch of pigments, and experimented in the beginning to eventually learn that I love how clear resin looks. With time, over the years you realise that your art is always an extension of you.

I learnt about how brilliant clear resin looks during lockdown, when I ran out of pigments and tried to render resin with kitchen waste.

You never know when inspiration will find you, you never know what will define your art. However, through your journey creating make sure you do and create what you love, and I am sure it will translate.

About the Author: Harman Taneja

Harman Taneja, studied architecture from University School of architecture and planning. She then interned in Auroville for a year. She started her brand, Harman Taneja in 2018, where she used resin as a medium to pour out her emotions. Today, Harman is a renowned resin artist and her brand has over 3500 followers!

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