How to: Start selling your Resin Art fast!

Thanks to our jobs, over the course of the past 5 years we have interacted with a multitude of resin artists and small business owners who want to create and sell their works of art. Some as young as 17, and some as old as 70 we have interacted with the most diverse group of artists. Resin art is trending more than it ever has, and if you are looking to start selling your creations, this article is for you! 

We have gathered and collected our insights, to use this community as platform for small business owners and budding artists. 

Develop your OWN style: 

Create your own aesthetic, that will define you as a brand. Do you want to create complex, bold pieces or would you rather sell resin art that is minimal and elegant? Making some key choices and sticking to them helps people remember your art and creates a strong brand association! 

Krishna Tolia, is a great example of this. Her quirky, colourful aesthetic for jewellery has really worked with her followers.

Photograph your resin artwork!:  

Put in the effort to style and click good pictures of the work you create. As we post on visual mediums, it is critical to validate that everything we do follows the same sense of aesthetic. Instagram is undoubtedly a BohriAli favourite, because it has allowed us to build a community of over fifty thousand people who all share a love of arts and crafts.

Building your presence on Instagram is fairly overwhelming, but to put it simply- just be consistent, use the right hashtags, tag relevant accounts and be patient. We promise you, you’re following will grow to be your biggest asset!

Use the #HaksonsPick 

Make sure to use relevant hashtags, specifically #HaksonsPick- a space we created specifically to use our platform to jumpstart and push newer artists and small business owners. By using the #HaksonsPick, you already expose yourself to a variety of resin enthusiasts and get a chance to get featured on our Instagram page! Collaborations make sense if you share a vision and can see a symbiotic partnership, don’t just do it for the sake of it! 

So many artists have been consistently using the hashtag on their posts, and have gotten featured several times in our pick of the day or pick of the week updates.

Quality Resin is key! 

Haksons Ultra Clear Epoxy Resin & Hardener

Use high quality raw materials! This one is critical, because no matter how beautiful and creative your work is- it will lose value if it is made with subpar materials. Using the correct materials is therefore critical to being a good artist, and being able to sell your work! 

Leverage your personal network 

Build on your brand, and create your first customer base using your own personal network and super simple apps like WhatsApp and Facebook. You will be surprised how many members of your family and friends circle are willing and happy to support you and purchase your creation! 

Create conversation around your work by talking about why and how you entered the space of resin art! 

Host a Resin Workshop!

A great way to build your community is to do a workshop, so you can build a personal relationship with your customers. If you decide to do these using Haksons products, reach out to us and we will help you curate your kit and also help you sell it directly through the BohriAli website!  

The @makdesigns53 team hosted a workshop in collaboration with BorhiAli at the #Karo fest that is held in Pune. This workshop was attended by over 300 people, and helped bring their art in front of several eyeballs!

There is this, and so much more. The world is your oyster and as your art improves and grows, we are confident that so will your business. We are incredibly inspired by all the artists who have continuously been tagging us in photographs of their work. 

There is so much talent and so much space. We hope this article helps you take your venture to the next level! 

Good luck! 

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