Hakson’s DIY Christmas Gift Guide!

2020 has been gruelling, challenging and oftentimes isolating. As this year finally comes to end, and we begin to gather presents for our office Secret Santa, or everyone you love- here are five of Hakson’s favourite and most gift-able products. These will make them happy, these will bring a smile, but more importantly, they will make them create!

They get to experiment, play and with their own hands make something so unique, and so personal- that this gift will last them a lifetime!

For the Upcycler: Hakson’s Chalk Paint Kit

Hakson’s Chalk Paints are premium quality, non-toxic paints that work on multiple surfaces like glass, wood, MDF, canvas and paper. Beginner friendly, and super easy to use, this kit is your entryway to up-cycle products around your house. They dry to give a distressed aesthetic, with that is waterproof and scratch-resistant! This is also a great gift for kids!

The Chalk paints Kit, includes 4 of our prettiest colours and the Hakson’s primer. 

Upcycle photo frames, a chest of drawers, a vase or that old wooden box you were going to through away. 

Find more ideas on up-cycling with chalk paint here!

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For the Aspiring Artist: Hakson’s Starter Resin kit

For the experimental and aspiring artist- this kit is an entry point into the fascinating world of resin. Whether one creates jewellery, a coaster or a wall hanging, the result is going to beautiful. Resin is hands down Haksons favourite material, and it creates results like that look like magic. 

This kit includes the Haksons High Gloss Resin and Hardener, Haksons Concentrated Pigments, Haksons Pearl Powder and a pair of Nitrile powder-free gloves. Basically, everything you need! 

Created by finesse_by.punam using Haksons Resin

Find tutorials on how to work with Resin here!

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For the Veteran Resin Artist: Hakson’s Coffee Table Kit 

For the artist, who has worked with resin before. The coffee table kit contains everything you need to create the iconic Haksons river table art piece, at home. An exclusive manual, that comprehensively gives clear instructions on how to go about the construction. This process takes 3-5 days, but produces the most beautiful and satisfying result! 

Disclaimer: This gift is not suitable for children, and first-time resin users. There is a fair amount of safety required while working with resin, so make sure do to your research. 

Find tutorials here

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For the Serial Hobbyist: Ocean Art Kit 

For the hobbyist who likes to keep things simple, the Ocean Art kit is perfect. With super-easy tricks, you can make a clock or wall hanging. This kit is beginner-friendly, and the results are a whole other level. 

Find a simple instructional blog post here

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For the architect: Deco Concrete Kit 

The Deco-Concrete Kit, allows its users to create pieces of art using the constructionist method of concrete. This kit contains everything you need, from a scooper to the top coat. Concrete is actually a fairly safe and easy material to work with, and creates super fun results. 

Buy the Hakson’s Deco Concrete Kit here

This Christmas, gift the people you love an experience they will never forget. Get them to spend a screen-free Sunday afternoon actually creating something with their own hands, and potentially finding a hobby that will last them a lifetime. 

Merry Christmas from Team Bohri Ali!

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