Upcycle with Haksons Chalk paints!

Chalk paints are an extremely easy way to enter the space of DIY craft. The ability to upcycle pieces of furniture, showpieces and add character pieces to your house that express your personality and truly tell a story. The Haksons Chalk paints are super high quality, beginner-friendly and highly pigmented.

They work on a multitude of surfaces like fabric, wood, glass, thermocol and canvas and can be used to create a variety of art forms. 

To use the Haksons Chalk paint, find absolutely anything under the sun that needs a new look: an old plate, a boring photo frame, an empty bottle of wine or a fresh blank piece of canvas. All of these work perfectly! Just a simple coat of Haksons Primer, and you can get to it with the chalkboard and let the creative part of your brain take over. These paints go on extremely smoothly and can be used by adults and children alike 

The Haksons Chalk paints dry into a satin finish and does not even need to be sealed with an additional varnish. They are scratch-resistant and waterproof. 

Here are 4 fun tutorials that you must try out, with the Haksons Chalk Paint.

Spice up an Old Photo Frame

One of BohriAli.Com’s favourite artists, Krishna Tolia, shows us how to use chalkboard paints to add colour to a boring wooden photo frame. 

Fluid Art with Chalk paint

If you have been seen multiple fluid art tutorials every day, and have been dying to try it, this is your sign. With the Haksons Chalk paint, fluid art is easier than ever. Try it out on a fresh canvas and craft paper, to create something uniquely yours. We guarantee it will be beautiful! 

Distressed Chalk paint Masons Jars

Mason jars, old Nutella bottles and emptied bottles of wine can be transformed into elegant pieces of furniture with a distressed aesthetic. 

We loved this tutorial by Something Turquoise.

Chalk paint Nameplates for Christmas dinner 

Old wooden coasters get a new life and can be used as fun nameplates to make your Christmas dinner seem a lot more planned, organised and fancy. You can use chalk to write the names and assign seats. Plus, the chalk washes right off!

Basically, at BohriAli we believe, chalk paint makes everything better. It adds life, it adds colour, it adds the ability for you to label everything. It gives your space an aesthetic, and somehow always adds to the product no matter how basic or lifeless. 

Credit: Artsy Chicks Rule

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