Epoxy Resin Crack Filled Coffee Table with Haksons

For all the hobbyists and DIYers this Diwali we bring you an innovative way to add home decor to your home. Create your own coffee table out of a Wood Slice.


Materials Used:




Step 1 – Begin by Sanding both the sides of the wood, starting from 60 up to 320 Grit until it is smooth. Getting rid of the texture or any unevenness will help adhere the Clear Packing Tape much better.


Sanding with Grit 60 to 360
Sand the wood slice till desired texture


Step 2 – To seal the holes, use Clear Packing Tape at least 4 – 5 layers, getting rid of any bubbles in between. It is crucial to seal it very well to form the perfect mould for the Resin.


Seal the base with cello tape
Seal the base of the wood slicer


Step 3 – Flip the wood over and start mixing the Ultra Clear High Gloss Resin in a 3:1 ratio. Add the Haksons Pigment in Blue mixed with the Haksons Pearl Powder in White for a beautiful metallic finish. You can add more or less Blue Pigment depending on how Opaque you want the top of your table to be.


Mixing Blue pigment and White pearl powder


Step 4 – To get the perfect finish at the end, keep filling your holes up to 1 inch at a time ensuring you let the Resin cure for 24 hours in between.


Fill the holes with Haksons Resin and Hardener
Fill the holes layer by layer


Step 5 – Once you’ve filled the Resin carefully till the top and it’s completely cured flip the table over and release the packing tape.


Fill it completely with Haksons Resin and Hardener


Step 6 – Sand the bottom of the table, again starting from 60 Grit to 320 Grit cleaning the surface with a damp cloth in between layers checking your progress until happy with the texture and the surface is smooth.


Sand the bottom with the Grit 60 to 320


Step 7 – Flip your tabletop over and add a coat of polish and attach the legs.


Fix the legs with the wood slice
Fix the legs with the wood slice

Your Resin table is now ready to use!





@krishnatolia – She is a self-taught artist from Mumbai who draws most of her inspiration from nature and loves the conflicting simplicity and complexity of abstract art.


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