Does your marketer have enough judgement to decide your campaign strategies?

marketer judgement campaigns
marketer judgement campaigns

Do you have the best digital marketer? Are you sure that your marketer has enough judgement to decide your campaign strategies?

As a strong marketer, it is of paramount importance to have business decision making abilities, to be able to pull strings on your behalf. Today, the way digital marketing world is just propelling, marketers do not just need to have the entire gamut of marketing and advertising expertise, but also the ability to disperse your budgets, make the right choices- both at micro and macro levels, to keep your organisational goals, mission and vision intact. 

Let’s look at some of the campaign planning parameters, where a deep understanding of the consumer behaviour comes into play. We are stepping into your shoes and mindset to question you:

  1. Ad frequency – How often should my target segment see my ad before they have a healthy and inspiring recall, and before they lose interest, get irritated ,  or worse not to push them to click- DON”T SHOW ME THIS AD”.  For any of the oblivious reasons. The marketer term is Ad Frequency
  2. Metrics that help Dispersing Ad Budgets- Which platform pays off better for me- what is that parameter to decide better, is a better or lower CPC, low impression cost, or higher reach at a said price enough? Assess Bounce Rates, Conversion rates and time spent on the website , before you pull any strings here, because it helps you know if consumers or your audience are happy to land on your landing page, and do they find the message relevant wrt to your ads.
  3. This brings us to the next pointer , that is the landing page– from content to technical aspects, from site speed to greasing the down the chute ( as content marketers call it, in short-allure them with your content  so that they read to the bottom of the page and take click on that CTA button! ) 
  4. Some target segments are going to cost me slightly higher, but it does not mean I don’t show my ads to that segment? How do I reach out to newer people , so that my funnel stays refreshed?Broad Vs narrow Segments- what works on FB/ Google, etc/
  5. That brings us the the point where we need to asses the customer acquisition journey, does my marketer know how does that conversion happen, how long does it take for a customer to convert, and how much does it cost? 
  6. This brings us to the next though -(we will unleash the term later in this para)  how much business does each new customer give me , how often, and is there scope for reselling or up selling? The marketer’s term is LTV or Life Time Value. 
  7. ON LTV will depend the CAC – or Customer Acquisition Cost – how much can you spend to acquire 1 new customer? 
  8. This brings us to the focal point where leads are concerned- right from understanding the mindset of the person clicking the ad to filling up the auto pop up form on Facebook or the landing page form, w which platform or device is apt for the lead generation campaign, to how leads should be warmed up to the next step in the customer acquisition journey. If all of this is technical, match it to the steps when someone asks a girl  to go out on a date- how do you go about it step by step, similarly, your marketer needs to understand the customer acquisition journey well.

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And you thought mere Technical aspects were enough to set those Ad Campaigns, voila!

Hence, we hope that your marketer has enough judgement to decide your campaigns and is a good campaign planner.

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