April 24, 2024

How CMCPros social media marketers would run your brand’s social presence differently & effectively?

How we as social media marketers would run your brand’s social presence differently & effectively? It’s a process, driven by experience & learning.

First and foremost, we are talking about break the myth that business owners or any marketing executive can run their own social media channels. And how specialists could give that missing X factor to your social media and marketing efforts overall, driving down to conversions from your social efforts alone.
For a social strategist- behind every post there is an intent. Community building is the biggest motive behind designing a strong social strategy. For most of the marketers , social is only about putting out the best content, which showcases their product or service and that is such a pity.

Here is what & how we do differently: 

Social media must have 4 parts to it- listening, networking, influencing & acquiring . And there has to be a proportion to it depending on at what stage is your brand , what are the pain points & goals of your marketers/company and the purpose of your social existence.

This can be only done by replicating the brand image on social, it’s stage and a social media audit of your existing social presences. No arrows are shot at out in the open. There is a Plan, a process , a strategy for building the community and then reaping it via paid traffic, or advertisements on various social platform.
After the social audit, we go about researching for your brand, and the competitors as well as other influencers that you should be watching out for.
We then go about building your weekly calendar , which in turn includes designing campaigns , curating,  creating & defining the voice of each message.
Organic reach on Facebook is such a passé and for that we need to have some budgets set aside for running ads on various social presences . This involves building your ad plan & budgets across your social presences.  We then break it down to each socia platform and which ad objective would suffice .
We even bounce off the target segment from one platform to another , leading them to finally land to a conversion point. a website support is very important in the process. nevertheless, if you do not have a website presence , we can still run a number of ads and bring you conversions .This is achieved by a regular , fortnight, monthly, and quarterly reporting & tweaking of the strategy for social content, creatives & ads.
We begin with preliminary rounds of questionnaires , followed by meetings to understand your pain points and objectives. The process is documented at various steps by the use of templates, customised sheets and reporting. Not to forget the continuous brain racking for designing those campaigns, feed, and the vibe on your brand. The journey just gets better from here.
Its like an inspiration, putting various things together, and pushing other departments of your company to pay heed to your social presence, because conversions are really happening out there on social. This is what you need at the end of it all, isn’t it?
This is how CMCpros social media marketers would run your brand’s social presence differently & effectively.

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