13 Common Misconceptions About Pay Per Click Advertising That Business Owners Should Know.

pay per click advertising

Are you new to advertising? Or fed up with wasting lots of money on ads? Or willing to take your business to the next level?

What is PPC?

PPC advertising is the best way to draw traffic to your website and to generate leads quickly unlike SEO and other marketing methods which need time to rank the website. In PPC advertising, the business owners only pay when their ads are clicked. A good strategy and quality ads can bring you greater ROIs to your business. 

1.My business is small and so I can’t compete with the giants in my industry on PPC ads who spend a lot more.

You own a small business or just starting out. PPC advertising is the best way to attract relevant traffic to your website even as a beginner website. It can bring you the same amount of traffic if your ads are performing well.

2. I am getting leads from Indiamart and other such B2b Websites.

Traffic from other B2B websites like IndiaMART will only generate leads.

PPC advertising brings you clients. If you are looking at the long term business clients, not just leads, PPC Ads are the best place to invest in. 

3.We are spending our budgets in other places?

You might spend the budget on SEO, content marketing, they take time to rank and generate leads.PPC ads are for you if you want to generate quick leads.

4.No one clicks on ppc ads?

If you are running ads with incorrect locations and wrong keywords, your ads end up appearing to an irrelevant audience. This leads to fewer clicks or no clicks at all.

5.Is my existing landing page is good enough for PPC ads?

We often try to make things perfect. Most of the time, it is a wrong strategy. A landing page with enough information about your product/services and meeting all requirements is good to go!

6.I burnt all my money on PPC ads. It’s a waste!

Running successful campaigns mainly depends on targeting the right audience and correct locations. If you are using low-quality keywords, the results may not be promising and the money spent on the ads gets wasted.

7.I think people search for my products only in the afternoon so my PPC ads should appear only then.

Most companies keep running their ads 24/7-to constantly appear on the search results. Because we can’t estimate when a potential customer might land up on your page-they can’t afford to miss those clients.

8. SEO is better than Pay Per Click.

SEO produces results in the long-run. It can take months to rank your website. PPC advertising is the solution if you want to generate leads quickly. With PPC it is easy to track and measure the results for the further optimization of ads.

9. I can spend more on PPC campaigns if I get results.

To increase the existing customer base you should consider raising the budget a bit, adding more keywords to reach a larger audience. For every rupee spent on ads, it can get you 200-400% ROI to your business. So, spending money on ads is a no-brainer!

10. MY previous agency was cheaper, so why do I have to pay higher retainers?

If you want to increase your ROI on ad spend. A good strategy and quality ads help you to reach your business goals. To produce high performing ads requires constant monitoring and takes time to build.

11. I can manage my own PPC Ads. 

Managing ads requires good knowledge and a professional approach, to make your campaign successful. As ads should be monitored frequently.

12. I will get my account managed for a few months and then manage on my own. 

Advertising is an ongoing process and you should be able to keep up with the constant updates.

13. Why are my ads not appearing?

Google’s advanced AI algorithm is smarter than you think. The ads may not show up to you when you search your or your competitor’s ads. The easiest way to check if your ads are working is to use the AD preview tool to view your ads.

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