Why your Mentor should be like your Personal Trainer!

Why your Mentor should be like your Personal Trainer!
In this blog post, I wish to draw a stark resemblance as to why your Mentor should be like your Personal Trainer. And how you can make the most of his assistance.
You wish to work hard, keep on track, stay persistent and emerge as a winner. As simple as it may look, it is a monotonous journey if you traverse it alone.  Just like fitness is a goal, tough to stick to, your goal oriented tasks and missions are a challenge which become easier to achieve when you have a Mentor, a Coach or a Guide. And as an HBR article quotes, ‘It gets lonely at the top’. Be it CEOs, IAS officers, or the PM of India, everybody needs a mentor.
Why should your Mentor be like your Personal Trainer:
1. Increases your intensity manifold:
He pushes your limits out of your comfort zone and would not let you rest. A breather comes your way, only when you have earned it. He throws newer challenges at you and you are back to the grilling.
2. Helps you stay focused & motivated:
 Be it the good talk or a bit stern one, motivation comes either ways. He would check upon what you have been doing and when you know you have to answer to somebody, you stay alert and timely at your tasks.
3. He boosts your curiosity:
Apart from having a good knowledge & information base that sets the answers to your questions, he or she helps you develop a curiosity quotient. Curiosity gives you a sense of greater observation,  cause- effect rational, problem solving & creative thinking process.
4. Advocates a great lifestyle:
 As a mentor, he wishes for your well-being, success, recognition & goal achievements. This can not come your way unless your are dynamic & know how to orient yourself. And your mentor teaches you that. Lifestyle is not restrained to personal spheres alone, professional life needs attention too. Be it organising your workplace & managing relations at work front.
5. Introduces new techniques & tools
New skills, tools & techniques are the changing need of the hour. It makes your execution worthwhile and pushes you ahead in your track. I am not using the word ‘easier’, mentor is not to make you at ease. Success, after-all, is not like fast food delivery.
6. Gives you a diet chart: 
Checklists, what to do, what not to do and a tight tap on it is mandatory to keep you disciplined and on track. Abstain, and only do what is needed. A true mentor would make you abide by.
7. Prevents you from collapsing: 
His support is inevitable, it is also, only as much needed. No spoon feeding or extra help comes your way from you mentor. He does his job well.
8. He drafts you a dream that you would not venture out on your own:
He knows what you are capable of achieving and  pushes you towards it. Even without you knowing it, you are soon able to cross several barriers & achieve greater feats.
9. He stretches you darn well: 
As painful as it may sound, you would not survive without those stretches. A mentor would give you a reality check & he knows what are your pain points & how to assist you in solving them.
Thats not the end. Ever wondered where does a Mentor draw his inspiration from? Yes, it lies in you, in your achievements, and in your happiness. Hence, you have greater reasons to be a good mentee.
  • Be a good pupil:  Learn earnestly and with utmost sincerity. There is nothing that would give him greater happiness in sharing out his knowledge, tips & tricks, & wisdom with you, when you need it.
  • Ask him questions: Feed your curiosity, stay informed & boost those grey cells. He loves answering because that way he believes you are focused. ( Of course, besides following the rules).
  • Open up: There is little space for hiding things, and keeping the factuals undercover. You broke the rule, go ahead tell him. That ways he would know how to mend it. Chat with him, open up. Trust & faith does not come easy. These are 2 golden steps towards progress, forget success. Success might make you stop, but progress won’t.
  • Listen to him:  Follow the instructions, charts & advises he gives you. These are for your own good. And Binges, (I mean recognition) would come to you as earned brownie points.
  • Do not irritate him:  And for you to do that, do not reach his trigger point nor break rules too often, or he has tougher tasks for you to do. Be a disciplined kid.
A PT or a Mentor would give only context specific counsel. For them, every mentee is unique and he sees newer challenges and inspiration in each one of them.Inspiration has come from my PT- Debashish Naorem

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