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Fire your social media person, IF!

Fire your social media person, IF!

Have you hired a social media person or have outsourced the services? You for sure are not paying them peanuts.

There have been an emergence of roles & goals around all things social, content, viral, online, digital etc. and the trend is only going upwards. But I believe, as a professional in the mentioned areas, that very often the deliverables offered by social media professionals are not sufficient, and at times not even apt. Social media is not just about 5 posts, some boosts, advertisements, and designs offered for those posts. Why do I need so much designing for Facebook posts, whose self life is probably 1 day , or for twitter, where it lasts  for just about a minute or lesser (until someone digs deep into their timeline.

It starts with a holistic understanding of the client, their offerings, products, services, their USP, gauzing their identity, analysing their goals, and how can social media aid to it. It is all done in a detailed manner, meetings, conversations, being in their workspace, observations, not to mention n number of questionnaires designed as per the client r account at hand. And it can not be done in a week or even a month. For me it takes a while to get into the minds and hearts of the customers of my client, not just into the heads of the client. image-1


For me, an ideal & effective social media person has to be doing the following for you, or else they are worth only firing!


So, fire your social media people, IF:

  1. If their creativity quotient is not high.
  2. If they do not design you a SM Calendar.
  3. If they do not bring newness to the table.
  4. If they know not microblogging, and tweaking posts as per the platform.
  5. If they do not execute contests on Social media channels
  6. if they do not strategise your online presence
  7. if they do not know how to time your posts as per your audience
  8. if they do not remember your what is your online target segment at the tip of their tongues.
  9. if they do not know how to balance automization, scheduling & being present at the big SM moments, the key lies in being agile.
  10. if they are not updated in their industry
  11. if they are not wise enough to budget and target the social media ads.
  12. if they do not give you a Report card (insights) on their own performance ( you can sure kill them for this)
  13. if they do not have teenager friends, ( now am joking on this) But they need to be as agile and adaptable for newness in the social media world just like how today’s smartphone teens are!
  14. if they are not ready to offer site visits to understand you & your clients.
  15. if they know not how to upscale your presence, with changing times.
  16. if they know only photoshop & design images, and know not the rest of the alphabets of SM world.
  17. Lastly , if they charge you a bomb, without you moving an inch in your bottom line sales. Fire them!

It is not just my belief, but practise that in a very minimalistic but smart way, a lot of those social media KPI’s can be achieved. Advertisements is not the only hack to winning over your company’s social media presence.

( Smartness in all the above, calls for constant learning, practise, experimentation & a beautiful creativity & ideation quotient) And its not easy to find..

Image Credit: Designed using “Over”!

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