Instagram Feed- how to have a creative strategy

Instagram Feed- how to have a creative strategy
Lets have a look at why Instagram Feed is important to be taken are of and how can you do it?
What is Instagram Feed?
When you visit a person’s profile on Instagram, the pictures that appear below is called the Instagram Feed of that Account / Brand/ Person.
Instagram feed appears in Grid format as default and there are numerous ways that your Insta Feed can speak of your brand personality, voice, tone as reflected in its visibility.
Why is it important to get creative with your Instagram Feed?
The Instagram community now has over 700 million monthly active users with over 400 million of those Instagrammers visiting the app every single day (1Instagram Internal Data, Mar 2017)
Improve your chances of standing out of the clutter, and sending strong brand recall, & sit in the subconscious mind of your audience & followers with thought about strategy. Pictures would speak a lot more, so here are my top inspirations:

Instagram feed inspiration

@YellowConference Instagram Feed

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Instagram Feed Inspirations

@the_lionlab Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed Inspiration- images are round

@the12project Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed inspiration- images have a colour tone and varied white boundaries

@jeanyveslemoigne Instagram Feed

Making use of white spaces as posts in instagram feed

@bongo.fury Instagram Feed

orhganic New feed in Black & white tone

@orhganic Instagram Feed

And how do you achieve to have a fantastic Instagram Strategy? Here are the top rules to follow:
  1. There has to be a vibe to it- explore the mood, tone , colour, typeface, etc. that best defines your brand.
  2. Use Same filter every time with your Instagram posts
  3. Keep an order- explore the ways you can make your grid look attractive, plan your 9-12 posts beforehand. Make it beautiful / whacky/ weird / or anything that makes it stand out of the crowd.
  4. Post photos that go together- if you can’t work on 9-12 pics at the same time, give a thought to your 1st and 3rd image, as it is going to lie to the right & directly below your latest post. See to it that it does not get lost with the 1st & 3rd Image.
  5. Take time and plan your inspiration.
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