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What is the ideal Social Media platform for your Brand and are you doing it right?

What is the ideal Social Media platform for your Brand and are you doing it right?
We all know there are these top 5-6 social media platforms ,we all want to have our brand presence. But we fail to build them up, or understand what is more important and in what stage of your Brand Building.
What’s your hue? What would suit your box, your brand , your profile? Are you doing it right?
Let’s evaluate the prime brand presences on leading social platforms:
  1. Twitter – bloggers, journalists, marketers, politicians, celebrities.
  2. Pinterest – bloggers, fashion brands, DIY, Crafters, Food, Event planners etc.
  3. Facebook – a lot of small players besides all the mega brands, personalities, etc.
  4. Instagram – F&B, home decor ,  photographers, and all of things with visual appeal & storytelling .
  5. LinkedIn-  Building Professional Network.
Scale it down, do not have  a mammoth list. I know of a few influencers who would say build 1 platform at a time. And pay attention to top 2 or 3 at a time. With excellent scheduling tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite, sending out content to all those 5-6 platforms comes super easy- its plain copy paste of what you can do on Instagram or Facebook, right? NO. Hell, a Big No.
If you are doing a plain copy paste on each and every platform, you are not understanding the genome, the elements on which each of these communities thrive.
If you are a naive player at social Media, let’s understand the innate  & the most ignored nature / agenda of these platforms-
  1. Twitter – re-distribution of content
  2. Pinterest- re-direction to blogs
  3. Instagram – engagements ( yes you won’t grow without it)
  4. Facebook- repeat your campaigns ( Yes, Facebook campaigns have developed so much & these are underpriced as per @garyvee )
  5. Linkedin- Leveraging of groups.
According to me your social media palette must have
  1. enormous engagement,
  2. campaigns,
  3. re-distribution of content  &
  4. community to it!

These are my 4 Top Hues! What are Yours?

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