Are you using Instagram DM like a Ninja

Are you using Instagram DM like a Ninja

Alright guys, you can DM anybody, and everybody via that paper airplane Message ikon on Instagram, as of 2017. The privacy options are going to come in soon. SO please please, make hay while the sun shines.

Now lets get going on how to make the best use of Dm, without getting yourself banned, or appearing like a bot on Instagram and more importantly in a way that the person would reply you back.

Whom to DM?

1. DM to the people who watch your Insta stories

2. DM to the people who are your new followers.

3. DM to people who inspire you.

4. DM whatever curiosity or questions you have. Ask for the recipe or a little help.

5. Reach out to people who need your help , whom you can provide a solution .

But there are some basic rules to not sound like spam bots and for people to reply to you ( even if 1 or 10 % people reply, do not be disheartened ) master the art of providing people more value before asking for anything back in return.

Do hashtag , location searches and make use of it .
Now let me share a small success story with you.

I wa doing a bit of research on podcasts , just like I research and study newer things every week. I happened to see someone who had liked my post on instagram was a podcaster- he had it written in his bio and ao quickly reached out to him in DM. he replied, gave me a mentoring session on how should I set up my podcast, the tools that I could invest in and apps, online tools, platforms to get going with podcasts. now if I happen to start my podcast sometime , I would owe it to him – Mathew Aponte . Then I asked him if he would like to be a guest on my Facebook page for a live , and he agreed. and when it has been more than a month that I wanted to have a guest over my FB live show, it took a minute to initiate and get it executed with beautiful Collaborations.

I hope it inspires you. So go out there make use of Insta Dm and remember to do your research & be add genuine value.

All the best

I look forward to your comments , please write them below and would be glad to have your questions !

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