Here is how to make a strong Hashtag strategy for Instagram

Here is how to make a strong Hashtag strategy for Instagram

Instagram Hashtags is a mystery that has kept me occupied for the past few weeks, but it is not an unbreakable code that you can not find your way to success. If the rest of the aesthetics of the photo, description, CTA, etc. are taken care of, hashtags are the next point of research for you. I have spent more than 10 hours of study on listing out the apt hashtags out of a myriad of hubs for my Instagram accounts and that of my clients.


Out of the 30 hashstags that you may have for every post ( you may choose to have fewer), classify them as per the following:
6 hashtags as per your category
6 hashtag as per your offering, product or services.
10 hashtags as per your audience ( what they are searching , what are they using, how are they interacting on Instagram)
A few as per your location
Use your industry event specific hashtags , even if you are not attending them.
Now with extensive research & focus on defining your niche, you should be able to find apt hashtag hubs that will make your posts discoverable on Instagram. Some blogs and research suggests to use hashtag hubs in the range of 5k to 50K posts. But its a complete no-no to use very high volume hashtag , as your post would get lost in a myriad of those posts.
Explore in Instagram (the magnifying button takes you there ), Refresh it and explore holistically every 15-20 minutes every day to engage and discover what hashtags are your audience using. Avoid using your competitors hashtags, as its going to take your customers to the same place as theirs.
And if you are to create a custom hashtag, inspire your followers to use it , by talking about it in various places, social, in your business card, bio, receipts, blogs ,etc. But remember you do not own a hashtag, so similarly, if a hashtag interests you, you can take it over with your consistent and quality posts on Instagram in a short time. And it would depend on the size, volume and how strong are you as a brand as compared to the other brand using the same hashtag.
Now, Here is a little success story of mine that I am going to share. Here is how I cracked it to the top 9 Grid of Instagram in the 2 hashtag hubs – #socialmediaapps , & #socialmediamanagerlife , in my niche, by using compelling visuals, and using the right hashtag strategy.
My posts showed in the top 9 posts in the explore button on Instagram:


IMG_0061 2

The point is, when you can make it to the niche hashtag, you can make it to the bigger hashtag hubs gradually, with consistent efforts on Instagram and make yourself more explorable by new people, brands & potential clients on this massive 700 M + network.
Please leave your feedback, questions below. I would be happy to audit your Instagram # strategy!

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