10 Things SMEs need to do before hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

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10 things to help Small and Medium Enterprises evaluate what you need to start the Digital Marketing for your Brand or Business and to evaluate your prospective Digital Marketing Team points one-by-one:-

Small and medium enterprises often trifle with elements and factors important for the launch and success of the Digital Marketing Plan for your Brand or Business. In this article, we discuss the top pointers that should help you evaluate what you and your digital marketing team needs for small and medium business owners. If you have any suggestions please let us know in the comments below.

  1. Have your marketing budgets in place. Evaluate how much you can afford to spend to acquire a customer via marketing. Otherwise what is the point of having an SMM team outsourced to be working for you? Also, it provides a clear sense of direction for the management of your marketing efforts.
  2. Evaluate what do you need. Is PPC important to you, or Facebook Ads? Is a Website needed or will a Landing page, for time being suffice. Would Email Marketing be actually beneficial to you? How can SEO impact the organic reach of your Website? Then there are Shopping Ads, Display Advertising, etc. This is where the expertise of digital marketing experts come into play. Therefore, take their reasoning into account and be industry-ready. Be ready to experiment, but in a way that you don’t burn your fingers!
  3. Be digitally-ready. For Launching Social Media Marketing Online Ads you must have the right assets to showcase your products or services. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but at some point or other, you would feel the need to have some of the following handy, so that your digital marketing team can optimise the strategy for you. Firstly, work and build upon the photoshoot of your products and services. Prepare the database and maintain the lists of your customers. Make a list of open and failed queries. Meanwhile, reiterate your marketing budgets. Also, have the brand assets made and store them properly. Create Content- be it any media- Video/ Audio/ Text, etc. Collect customer reviews, testimonials at all the major milestones or from time to time. Now, this list might look overwhelming, and there comes the art of delegating and planning. Work on things while you may be less busier. All of this help strengthen your Social presence. Your marketer would know better how to optimise or repurpose these assets best.
  4. Keep credentials organised. Certainly, have the admin access at all the Logins, Ad Accounts, Business Pages, etc. Keep all the access with you, store your passwords, admin access, important files, etc. Also, have the credentials smartly, and at the security level required. There comes a lag in launching the social media and online advertising plan, when any of the credentials are not stored properly and in a secure manner. Prevention is better than troubleshooting or fire fighting when, for instance, it’s your business’s best season to earn revenues.
  5. Evaluate your digital marketing team closely. Do not be carried away by the pomp and show or the proposals for that matter. Meet the team. Look for the impact of their work not just their portfolio mix. Gauge what has been their core expertise and treat them wisely. Digital marketing is no quick fix. It needs to have a mix of long term and short term vision.
  6. Do not count completely on your Digital Marketing team. To be your soul lead machine. The internal marketing team may fall placid since a lot of support in terms of sales, leads, generating queries, come from digital marketing.
  7. Do not expect quick fixes. The only way to get organic results is to make high quality content. Continuously engaging with your audience and adding value is also very vital. So next time when you tell your SMM team to get instant results, understand the whole gamut of efforts, consumer behaviour, metrics that go behind the scene. Also, there are no quick fixes, even in the Digital Marketing world.
  8. Creatives/ Creatives / Creatives. Graphic designing alone won’t get you results. TO BE IMPACTFUL, you need to have a good strategy- for content and ads as well as a good media mix. 10-15 -30 graphic designs; are those really the only thing that your brand needs. If your message is not reaching the right audience, and if you are diluting the social proof, you won’t meet the objectives.
  9. Leverage every piece of the coggle to make them work together. Website needs to have the right tags from Google & Facebook. The content needs to be amplified. Social Posts need to have proof. Then you need to be able to bounce your audience from 1 platform to another, ultimately driving them to get conversions. It works only when every coggle is moving in the right direction and in synchrony.
  10. Trust the experts. Above all, do not try to micro manage the experts. When it comes to copywriting, ad strategy, frequency of content creation, smart hacks vs expensive measures, setting the right targeting- they know it well! Besides, it’s not always the decision-makers you have to impress! IT’S THE PEOPLE around who would influence the purchase decisions, referrals, etc.

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