Gauze your Mind & tap it- who says Creative tasks are time consuming?

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Some tasks involve creativity, a focused flow of ideas, words, imaginations, analysing the data at hand with a different perspective, etc. that define your task to completion. Gauzing your mind when it is ready for such tasks and tapping it is the key to creating excellent pieces of creative work.

We are not in the same frame of mind every day. On some blazing & lucky days, evenings or even wee hours in the night the creativity worm starts tickling the synapses in our brains responsible for heightened productivity in the areas of our creative expertise. Now considering that your job is not labour oriented, and it involves some amount of knowledge, thinking going into it, this statement would be applicable to you. Right, so we are traversing in similar shoes? So lets get ahead and try to tap such moments so that we produce excellent pieces in those shortest spans when brains are active for such tasks.

Steps to gauzing your mind and tapping it for the quick completion of creative tasks

1. Identify- 

    • The moment (actually longer than a few moments) when you feel focused,
    • When a lot of ideas are taking shape in your mind,
    • When your brain is racing mostly around the topic of your concern.
    • When solutions seems to be nearing,
    • or When that ‘Thomas Alva Edison’ type of bulb glows to the right side of your brain.

Mind please- right side of your brain is also responsible for day dreaming! 

2. When would it happen: (or you can acclimatise your brain to a similar environment)

    •  Ideally when you are alone
    •  After a good sleep
    •  When you have performance pressure
    • When you are pressed against time
    • Even after a good break, a night out with friends (provided you are not dazed out)
    • After a round of exercises or a cardio, meditation, power yoga (add to the list of exercises to being fit)
    • After a refreshing shower
    • or even after a good cup of tea of coffee!
3. Isolate yourself: 
    • Shut your room
    • Plug in the earphones if you do not have your space or if its noisy around your cubicle
    • Keep the distractions, including your cell phone away.
    • Slip into your creative zone- it might be an empty conference room in your office, a quiet corner of your home, terrace or garden.
    • Shut the chat boxes, emails, close the unnecessary tabs.
    • Tell your peers to give you your time alone.
    • If you are working from home, see to it that your chores & your babies are taken care of. (I love it when my toddler is fast asleep or when she is away with her granny) 
    • Adopt the Pomodoro Technique   ( How I wish for a copy of this book along with a real Pomodoro timer, no virtual gifts this X-mas please) 
4. Complete your task & walk away from it for a while. Reward yourself- the much needed toilet break, coffee, chocolate or a walk to chit chat with your colleagues. 
5. Come back to your station, revise your work or aid in the necessary ancillary chart, images, or data needed
6. Revise 
 You may do this after a few hours or even a day later. It helps in better evaluation of the quality of your work. There has to be a change in your place or your mindset to be able to revise it better. Change usually relaxes your mind from the rigorous 25-30 minutes you have spent completing your task.
7. And you are done- submit the report, walk into the meeting with your presentation, publish, or delegate the rest of the task!
P.S: I followed all the above steps as I wrote this piece!
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