Do not hire your digital marketing agency without this checklist!

Have you ever enquired the following about your marketing agency –
  • What is the apt marketing budget for you?
  • What are the results that I am going to get?
  • If I were to use the top 3 ways to acquire new customers via digital marketing, what would that be?
  • Do they get technical instead of giving you simple explanation to the problems you want to solve?
  • Do they pass on one of the ready proposals or the copy-paste formula to you just like to everyone else?
  • Is it more phone calls or subscriptions or traffic that you desire, or is it mere social proof?
  • Do you want more leads, do you want more business?
  • Are you also concerned more about pricing without knowing which of the 1000’s of strategies will be suited for your business?
  • And to the core benefit of driving customer acquisition & business growth via digital marketing in true sense?
  • Will all of these really drive business for you?
If you are not working with us you are burning your hard-earned money, time and efforts at the hands of naive teams in wrong strategies.

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