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Your campaigns have started running, so that means AD budgets have started going to the agency, money started going to Google & Facebook. Have YOU started getting any results, YET??

  • What is the business that you have turned around because of your agency?
  • How are they tracking those results?
  • Are you talking to the right audience?
  • How do you know if they are not letting you explore the hidden inertia/ the hacks to reach out to the customers and leave your competitors behind?
  • Are you sure the top 3-4 strategies that they have suggested out of the 1000 things that can be done via Online or Digital Marketing, is the right thing for your business?
  • You have spent something from Rs.5000 to Rs.50,000/- seeing no output?
It means something is wrong!!

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Digital Target Marketing offers a broad range of online services from retail branding and shopping cart development, to email & mobile marketing. With state-of-the-art reporting, site analytics, & build-a-brand testing, we can track where every penny is best spent along with where your campaign is succeeding & where it needs a lift.

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