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DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN which we believe have the most potential to uplift your business in 2020.

Here are 14 proven digital marketing tactics that will create a splash for your business in the market.

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  • Micro­-Influencer Marketing:

Social Influencers with followers within the range 10K-100K are called micro influencers. Their content is usually niche specific and hence most of their followers are interested in that particular industry and therefore are more likely to engage with Brands in that Domain. That is why it is more efficient and less expensive.

  • Local Targeting:

It Is possible for a business to add locations in the content of their posts. Platforms like Instagram allow people to look for posts near themselves which drives in organic traffic. Geo-Targeting is also helpful because it allows you to target the right audience.

  • User Generated Content:

Many people share their experiences with brands candidly on social media. Hence, it’s easily available and the users also find such content to be more credible and tend to engage with them more often. Most of the marketers out there say that UGC humanizes the content, which is very vital in this age in order to build authentic relationships with customers.

  • Building Communities:

Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t give preference to Posts from Business Pages for ranking. But groups are a great way to reach and engage with your audience. It helps businesses develop relationships with customers on a more personal level which in turn creates goodwill.

  • Social Media Commerce:

People spend so much time on social media to research about the products that they are interested in that It makes complete sense to start selling on the platform itself.

  • More Video Content:

Videos are a great way to tell a story. It makes the information digestible for the user and once you have their attention, it’s way easier to sell your brand to them.  Also, people are much more likely to engage with video content and click on video ads compared to image and written content as proven by many studies. Facebook recently reported that FB Live videos get 6 times more engagement and 10 times as many comments than normal videos. The numbers are likely to go up in 2020 and hence one should start putting out engaging live content on social media.

  • Leveraging TIKTOK and LINKEDIN:

Creating fun content on TikTok related to your product, launching hashtag challenges, using influencers and even advertising directly on the platform itself (500mn monthly users) are great ways to promote your product there. Likewise, LINKEDIN is a great platform (260mn monthly users) to showcase your brand. You can create your brand page and start promoting right away.

  • Augmented Reality to Enhance Engagement:

It’s useful for sales strategies for promotion of products such as cosmetics, wrist watches, clothing, spectacles, furniture etc. It helps prospective customers try on different products without actually having to try them on physically. Such features tend to get a lot of engagement.

  • PPC Ads:

Your ad rank on the search results page of google will depend on the amount you are willing to spend as well as your ad copy. You will only be charged only if someone clicks on the Ad. It is a very cost-efficient way to market your product.

  • Promotion on Local Websites:

Small businesses can and should approach the local Bloggers and Vloggers and ask them to promote their products and brands on their websites and YouTube channels. This will prove to be very beneficial for generating awareness and driving sales for a comparatively lesser price.

  • Use of Chat-Bots:

Chat bots are a great way to answer the queries of your potential customers and generate leads. Many large-scale companies are using it for customer service and gaining information and automatically forwarding the info to the sales team for closing the deals.

  • Artificial Intelligence Marketing:

The use of AI based marketing tools for businesses is increasing day by day. There are AI based tools that help you optimize your campaigns for better results. There are even tools that help you make smart bids and make good budget decisions by feeding on relevant data. You can track and analyze your competitor’s performance and gain competitive insights with the help of AI. You can even predict consumer purchase behavior using AI tools such as Genie. HubSpot helps you build content strategies and validate content ideas for your business. Google Cloud AI, KYNDI, Lucy etc. are some of the many AI based  tools that businesses should take advantage of in 2020.

  • Personalization:  

One cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of Personalized Marketing in this age. A study shows that 79% of consumers feel frustrated if the content they are viewing isn’t tailored to them. Another study shows that personalized email campaigns get 29 % more open rates and 41% more click through rates than normal email marketing campaigns. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, it has become very easy to personalize your content and it is very advisable to do so.

  • Transparency Marketing: 

“Behind the scenes” content, telling personal stories, sharing employee experiences etc. are a great way to build brand transparency. Such content usually gets more engagement and it also helps you display the more human side of your business.

We hope that this cheat sheet of ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY is exactly that you were looking for to uplift your business in 2020.

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Wish you fabulous YEAR ahead!

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