Lead Generation Campaigs for Shine Realtors
Shine Realtors finds a well-oiled Lead Gen Machine.

About The Client:

Shine Realtors have a vast experience of over 10 years in developing large real estate projects in and around Guwahati. With creating 15,00,000 sq. Ft. Of living space and more than 1500 happy customers. The promoters are strong community members of ARIEDA and contribute to the Real Estate Industry in more ways than ever.

Headquartered in : Guwahati, Assam

Services Rendered:

PPC Set up & Management

Website Audit & Edits and SSL Certificate Installation

Social Media Set up & Management

Lead Generation Campaigns

Local Business Optimisation


Shine Realtors have been making housing and commercial projects and their current projects had some flats and Penthouses to be sold. They approached Curiousmind Consulting for the Services. The flats catered to different strata, hence, different strategies had to be prepared to reach out to the right interest and demographic audience for branding as well for the intent-driven audience for Traffic.

Challenges & Strategy to overcome the same:

The social media platforms and website, including the PPC Ad account needed to be set up properly. The website needed an SSL Certificate Installation for Google Ads to be run and Search Console and Analytics were also put together. We also had to optimise the local business pages on Google and Maps for assisting search-driven queries for directions.

The conversion time of offline sales in Real Estate and hence we kept close measures and feedback to check the health of the Leads Generated if they are qualifying for the next step in the funnel. We have been able to give them not just qualified leads, but even conversions to the next steps, site visits and cross-sell opportunities.

For their PPC Campaigns, we turned the ad account set up upside down, from an age-old self (promoter)-managed & created Keywords and Ad Copies to what the PPC Campaigns demand in the era of 2020.  We set in the high-intent keywords to get 98% qualified search queries on the same. The  CTR was reportedly a high of 11.85%. With continued traffic, we aim to bring more qualified traffic to the website and eventually cross-sell, remarket them at different levels & social media channels.


Leads Campaigns: 

100% Genuine Leads       90% Qualified Leads       25% Hot Leads      

We would be updating the conversions results soon.

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