This website has been the beginner in providing Online Courses to this Fraternity and it has its robust online community to support online sales. It has the trust of more than 65000 +  enrolled Students & Professionals for various courses. They have experts looking at each niche of the online and digital world, giving more time to the Decision Makers to continue to ideate and evolve in this fast pacing online community space.


An expert is needed to look at each niche so that the Leaders can step into their best-suited roles. PPC Management was one such niche handed over to our Founder- Dipeeka Saboo in 2017.

This Online Learning Website has an array of courses and it was important to filter traffic down to landing pages with more specificity. There also came a lot of legacy-related challenges, them being pre-formed opinions on what seems to be working well for selling Online Courses. The other challenge was that the decision-makers always look at the Bottom-end of the funnel Metrics, in this case, them being Online Purchases of Courses being counted as Conversions.

The Ad Account needed a lot of structure and improvement in key metrics. The remarketing campaigns were set up more like RSLA  and ad groups were not aptly structured to filter audiences looking for different courses. Display Campaigns were not yet set up and a lot of optimisation yet to be achieved, to give continuous YoY improved ROAS.

The Course of Action and Strategy:

The low hanging fruits were taken care of first, them being looking at existing keywords and improving ad copy, optimising ads with ad extensions, etc. The continuous process involved a rigorous study of keywords, tweaking of Ad Copy and paying attention to average CPC as a controlling parameter.

From there, it went about creating proper Display Remarketing Campaigns, Intent- driven Campaigns, and Gmail Display Campaigns which started to give traffic, ranking third to only organic and referral traffic. However, improving conversions (purchases of online conversions) was a continued challenge.

Observing Analytics and proper tag manager installation, use of remarketing and conversion tags became an inevitable part of the process, only after several skeptical checks at regular intervals, if conversions recorded were genuine. A lot of landing pages errors noted and rectified in the process, one of them being free courses redirecting to the same Thank you Page URL as the paid courses.

Setting up Conversion value helped us calculate a healthy ROAS to assure the return on ad spend.

Campaigns for New courses such as Professional Courses picked up readily as the demand for these fresh courses and the right keywords got the qualified traffic to those course-specific landing pages.

More optimisation changes were made to group keywords with high-intent to purchase and creating far more ad groups than what we began with. With a properly installed tag manager, now recording conversions and ROAS becomes a breather.

The PPC Campaign are being optimised further for responsive search ads and display ads, and dynamic search ads to optimise results.


The learning curve has been steep along with the journey of the work for this account and the continuous improvements, optimisations of the PPC Ad Account, changes on the landing page, improvement in speed and other parameters resulted not only in more intent-driven traffic but improved key parameters both at the top and at the bottom end of the funnel.

Key Results: 

A drop in CPC by 80%  (Yes, we are not joking)

Improvement in CTR by over 700%

Improvement in ROAS by 800% 

PPC Campaign Optimization Score above 90%

Keyword Quality Score maintained above 7

Milestone factors were achieved in a phase-wise manner.

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