LinkedIn Changes- Lowers Age limit &; Groups see a major change-Admin role in jitters

LinkedIn Changes- Lowers Age limit &; Groups see a major change-Admin role in jitters

I have been following LinkedIn closely and even exploring its features to make the most of my networks. A few changes have been made around and its for every Linkedin enthusiast to know and understand the changes.

I have tried to add my perspective to these changes. Do share yours in the comments box below.

1. LinkedIn Lowers Age limit to 13 years old. As written in its User Agreement:

Minimum Age definition

Minimum Age definition

What does it mean for teens? My take on it:

Teens spend  lot of time on Social Media, and LinkedIn has found enough untapped opportunities for that target segment. Be it Pulse, Slideshare, or its latest acquisition- Online E-learing ( We can also see a huge potential bunch of students , educators, academicians, admission incharge people, throbbing to the website if LinkedIn’s strategy takes off. And where do we see the membership numbers going to! Sky rocketing! (am I being overly optimistic for LinkedIn? 🙂 )

2. LinkedIn Groups see a major change: They will now be either Unlisted Or Standard.

All the groups are now going private, meaning you do not know the type conversations until you are a part of it. And how do you become a part of any group? The game has changed a bit, as these would depend on whether a group is Unlisted or Structured.

Unlisted Groups:

What does it mean for members:
  • Not searchable by any search engine. So do not get to explore the names of the unlisted groups on your own. (forget conversations, as all groups are now private)
  • Group not visible in your profile, to people who are not members of that Group.
  • You can join an unlisted group only by an invite from Group Owner or Manager.
What does it mean for Managers and Owners:
  • Visibility of the group in search engine goes for a toss. A padlock ikon appears next to the group and visibility is shunned.
  • If you do not exist in any search engine, you do not exist.
  • No member can voluntarily join or send a request to join your group.
  • Management reins remain in your hands totally at the cost of visibility.
  • Your job just increased, now forget approving members  you have to invite them also!
  • You can go unlisted only during the creating of the group.
My take on it:

Now Unlisted Groups become like the holy grail and you do not know what exists out there, until you get invited. A gamble of keeping the authority in your hands versus going underground. Now secretive organisations, trade unions, can exist without having the fear of being found out by outsiders. The group of the pricey, classy and sophisticated few! (am just kidding)

Structured Groups:
What does it mean for members:
  • The most appreciated change is that members can now invite their 1st degree connections to join the group, they are part of.
  • Power comes to your hand. You can now approve members who have sent requests to join!
  • These groups are discoverable in search engines, though only members can see the conversations & comments.
  • You enjoy the freedom and even feel responsible for shaping the group a bit more.
What does it mean for Managers and Owners:
  • Fear strikes in your mind- now the approval of members does not lie solely in your hands.
  • Quality control has to happen at a later stage, as comments would be made live instantly, and now members are potential to invite the wrong category of members in the group.
  • Increased chances of Spamming is your next added fear.
  • Good thing is your group sees existence, it is discoverable and icon appears on the profile of members.
  • You choose discoverability over losing bit of control
My take on it:

Structured groups are going to become the avid choice for most of the managers, as discoverability matters more. Owners & managers become more like facilitators and less like dictators. However, the monitoring eyes will have to be more alert now. Group members if they are evangelists, can drive your group to newer levels of discussions, member strength and quality. The opposite is also quite true. So do we see newer challenges for Owners & Managers? Yes, why not focus on building those evangelists in the group!

Here is crisp list of new LinkedIn Group features:

LinkedIn Group New & Added Features

LinkedIn Group Features.

If the dilemma hits you- whether to stay Unlisted or go Structured. Follow the links for more clarity: – This article should give you a little more perspective.

Or better even , wait and watch the game.

Ah, and there is a new dedicated iOS app coming up for Groups. I Can’t wait to explore it.

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