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Top 10 ways creating Buyer Personas will assist in your marketing efforts

Top 10 ways creating Buyer Personas will assist in your marketing efforts

Audience persona, often called Buyer person, or Customer Avatar , Target Segment Persona , is the first thing a marketer should begin with. This is a simple blog piece which tell you specifically in which of your marketing, content marketing and social media efforts, Audience Persona will come handy in planning the creative and tactical deployment of your strategies.

You must create more than 1 buyer persona, each representing a type of your ideal customer. It is like a blueprint of how your customer behaves, looks, does, and what stage of lifecycle he is in and what are his respective pain points. Now there are tons of articles which will guide you on how to make buyer personas, this one has a very detailed and updated look- made simple to understand

What Wikipedia can’t tell you about – “How to write Audience Personas 

If you are not persuaded enough that why you should build the audience personas, read on, and understand what all you can do with these master customer avatar sheets!

Here are the top 10 specific things Buyer personas will help you in your content marketing and social media marketing:
1. It helps you find your audiences at the right places online.
2. Audience persona helps you create your content messages better and specific, be it landing page design, retargeting ads copy, or attracting cold audiences.
3. Audience persona helps you write content / blogs that your TG would like to read.
4. It helps you decide the tone and voice of your messages.
5. It helps you design your branding message better.
6. It helps you stay focused with your social media marketing activities. Eg: If you are catering to senior citizens living in developing countries, Snapchat is not for you.
7. It helps you design your newsletters better.
8. It helps you give an insight into the pain points of your audience so that you can pitch them on their problem solving points.
9. Audience Persona helps you create your Sales Funnel. Did you know you can create sales funnel on Facebook Analytics?
10. It helps you design your creatives better , be it typography, colour combinations and a lot more on design aspects.

Best of all, it helps you figure out, if some things are not figuring out, you go back to storyboarding, as you refine the buyer persons for your product or services.

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