Learn How have I planned my ‘Goals 2015’ to execution..

Learn How have I planned my ‘Goals 2015’ to execution..

Goals remind me of the current Football Frenzy Fad happening in India and of the celebrities promoting them, esp. John Abraham amongst others.

But lets get back to the Objective of Successful Steps from Goal writing to executing them.

Every passing year, I aim at writing some goals at work & personal front, some dreams, wishes, holiday plans and what not. But the motivation seems do die out very soon. What has been the reason?

A clear lack of continued motivation, inspiration and zest to continue with the plans. Or, perhaps, I did not write the plans well. As I remember reading somewhere in HBR, Strategies documented are the  closest to execution. And this is my motto before the new year sets in.

Now why chart out goals, write the plans , document everything? Documentation is of immense importance both for person and for the organisation. As whatever is knowledge oriented stays with the Organisation even if the Employee moves on. However, there is nothing much that can be done
Here is a step wise-guide as to “How you can Document your Goals into plans and finally lead them to execution.

  1. List down your goals & take one at a time and decide its time-period, its frequency of occurring in a year. Would you also carry forward your previous year’s completed on incomplete goals?
  2. List down what steps have to be taken for each of your goal. Were or are their any potential hurdles? How can you overcome those?
  3. List down how would you integrate those steps into your dailylife . Is it something you would like to do weekly, monthly or everyday?
  4. What is the type of its occurrence? Is it a routine activity or does it need ideation, does it need to be delegated, or you are the sole point of its execution?
  5. Separately plan for routine activities & for those goals which need ideation, creative aspects, or  a newer planning every now and then.
  6. Next is mapping and charting. For this if you have been maintaining a calendar, it would be helpful. Or, its never too late to start making a calendar of year round activities, events, reminders, etc. My calendars have a reminder for year round recurring activities, for the rest-an approximation of when they would occur and then when I have my dates in hand, I mark them round with a reminder mail.
  7. Next make a spread sheet for every goal which you have already broken down into steps, frequency, how often the ideation is required, how would you meet the targets, etc. Make the sheets as per 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 Months , 4 Quarters etc.
  8. Now integrate the calendars (from step 5 &  6) to these spreadsheets.
  9. Once you have had a round of meetings with your clients, team members, seniors, boss, (with your spouse, children, friends, parents etc. for your personal goals), Start filling the sheets with details, dates, comments, ideas, elements needed , media type, delegate-person responsible against each step or date,  etc.
  10. Make the sheets as detailed as needed. Too many details would seem like too perfect a plan and too less- as a weaker one.
  11. Now Fill up with comments at every instance you are closer to your goal. List the bottlenecks,revise your charts, make newer ones, if needed. Highlight them, differentiate with colour codes. Update them every year and save them on iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. Print only what needed
Now the types of spreadsheets I prepared were integrated at every level. Be it Content calendars for various accounts, editorial calendars for my blog, motivational charts for my personal goals to stay healthy, break old habits, etc. There are even sheets for various meetings, with details of agenda, minutes, execution points, comments, etc, which I integrate against the respective Content calendars, Team Assignments Sheets.

After all the hard work treat yourself or your peers, who assisted you in planning your year, with beautiful stationary, post it tags, Coffee mugs, table accessory, anything that would help you or your mate achieve his or her goals.
Lets see now how does the year fare and how do I take my rounds of achieving Goals 2015.

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