This is Why paid traffic and content marketing is like a marriage

This is Why paid traffic and content marketing is like a marriage
Its like a love affair, a bonding & match made in heaven, and it better be as the success of each other depends on each other.
Nothing happens or exists in a vacuum. Same applies to skills, technologies, and solutions to our branding, marketing problems, where ROI is what matters. Facebook , Google Adwords, Social CRM and other form of Digital Marketing platforms, tools have empowered us to seamlessly integrate the processes which will effect the ROI and conversions, as each tool promises.
But out of my own experiences, and I voraciously gain perspectives into my learning , I see that a lot of digital marketers ignore the paramount role that Content can play on any sort of paid traffic or SEO. Now you would find a lot of resources w.r.t to integrating content into your SEO techniques, but fewer on Content & Paid traffic. Are they the same? Not really.
Factors that differentiate the process is simple- you would need these content skills, as a marketer, or as a digital agency; even if you are not coding anything for a particular task at hand- lets say, creating a Lead-Gen ad on Facebook, or Retargeting ads, reaching out to cold audience via Facebook or Twitter, or bouncing them off from one social media channel to another, till the time they land up where you want them to- the offer page on your website. etc.
Pay attention to that ad copy, every part of it, the image, visuals, designing, colour combinations, branding. If its a retargeting ad, what factors of the ad, will help my audience recognise/ recall the brand, or persuade them 1 step further to funnel down to conversion.
Pay attention to splintering your product . Craft your messages likewise. If your ad caters to the cold audience , it must speak about brand awareness, or help solve one of their problems, packed into- how to’s, listicles, or a goodwill video. A retargeting ad as the second step would need a message like  introducing a product , or service, that helps solve the problem you addressed in the previous advertisement (campaign or ad set in terms of Facebook advertisement glossary), or brand awareness, reach. Then you might go down to a further retargeting with  creating a scarcity in your message when your ad objective is conversions. Aim is to have a gradual process to funnelling down your customers and making them repurchase with you.
Pay attention to the audience personas. Start with this, rather. When you know whom are you talking to , you craft the ad copy more wisely or with greater empathy.  If your landing page content , or ad copy does not talk to the right audience, its an effort , time and money going down into the drains. And believe me, its not rocket science. Its all about empathy towards your target audience.
Please understand, that how to’s of ad creation, technical part is only as important as your content is. So begin with the end in the mind, reverse engineer, splinter your product, and more importantly, start with defining, and redefining your audience personas.

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