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Marketers, Easy-peasy 14 ways to boost your Email Marketing right now!

Marketers, Easy-peasy 14 ways to boost your Email Marketing right now!

How many mailers do we read everyday, seriously!

They just take a moment and we have time to do online shopping, avail the deals, read articles, register for various webinars, read newsletters, etc. etc. etc.

Seriously, who sends Hi How are you Mails any more! We have a bundle of chat services to do that!

The key to creating mails that get opened and viewers take a CTA, is to pay attention!

Here are my top


New Email Received!

14 ways to look at your Emails:

  1. Content: it is the king. Make it interesting, short, to the point & varied
  2. Customise: Add a line, message or
  3. Subject line: It has to be short & interesting, with a CTA attached. It has to be something that does not land you in the spam but in the Inbox, get Opened.
  4. Mobile aspect: Most of us are reading mails on our phones. Design your mailers as responsive. For one-to-one mails, key is to keep them crisp.
  5. Footer- Include thumbnails with links to your Email, Website and other Social Media Account. It looks neat
  6. Sign Off: Include your appropriate designation, tweak it if needed as your  roles and client.
  7. Ask questions: Show some genuine curiosity about their business.
  8. Appreciate: In personal one-to-one mails, always add a genuine line of praise or positive feedback about the receiver’s work, interests, etc. Key is to point out on something in real time or on their latest activity you have come across, online or otherwise.
  9. Send your gratitude:Write in a customised line on appreciating the work, effort or processes of your client/ lead/prospect that has helped you in some way. Chances that they would reply are higher.
  10. Connect: Send in regular mails to your lists. Drop by a line to enquire about their interests. Give them an opportunity to speak for themselves. All your mails need not have a Goal or CTA attached.
  11. Say please & Thank you: These 2 words move mountains. Keep the politeness flowing through your every mail- be it among your team members, colleagues, peer-groups, clients, juniors, etc.
  12. Test your mails.You would get a host of help online for it .  Tweak one factor- be it headline, opening line, CTA, etc. to study the change in clicks, mails opened, action taken,etc.
  13. Test your email subject lines: A/B Testing is the most popular one I have come across.
  14. Key is to make an offer: Be it some help, solution, or something is that is going to make their live a wee bit easier will get your mails opened. Send out newsletters. Design them beautifully & smartly.

There are various paid mail services you can adopt for your campaigns, be it Silverpop, Mailchimp, etc.

But the key lies in a beautiful message and designing!It also makes sense to make your daily one-to-one mails powerful as well.

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