Key Role Players who will execute your ideas

Key Role Players who will execute your ideas

I am sure we all have numerous lists, sheets on ideas, and at every meeting or email exchange we have so much to share. But do the best of the ideas see the dawn of execution?

There are several bottlenecks- Bureaucratic, Political or other team related biases.

But lets assume the following:
1. You belong to an organisation with an open culture, transparency, and two way communication
If the above looks too beautiful to be true, lets just assume point no.2
2. Somehow,  the idea has got a head-go, and a budget & timeline to be worked upon.

Now you just have to keep a note of the Checkpoints, places where you have to notify your seniors about the expenses, or milestones achieved. Sounds easy? Not yet.

I believe, There are following role players:

  1. Idea giver
  2. Initiator
  3. Catalyst Or Monitor
  4. Slacker
  5. Finisher

Identify the above and the following:

How many from the team are responsible to give the idea?
Who has to take the step 1.?
Who has to finish the task?
Who will be reporting it?
Who can possibly be a slacker and how to motivate him or her?

Now, not that the mediating steps are not important, but unless the first step sees completion, the cascading effect will not begin.

Roles also have to designed in a strategic way, Now if slacker takes the initiator or finisher’s role, image how timely your project would be. Make the catalyst’s role universal, empower him a bit and see to it that this role goes in trustworthy & sincere hands.

Every person in the step delegated to them should take responsibility of their roles. That would mean you request your preceding team member to deliver his role so that you can initiate your part. That would automatically enhance the speed of the task.

Idea Giver has to conceptualise the plan and present it. He has also to win hearts of his team so that they see faith and promises in its delivery. Nobody likes to work on Projects that land up in trashes all the time.

Initiator is like the spark of light, without whom the Plan would not see the path to execution. Now if the initiator overplays or underplays- both can have a telling effect on the plan. He definitely has to deliver a phenomenal start to the tasks and can act as a catalyst too, as he would be excited to see the project moving.

Catalyst/ Monitor  has to play a more holistic role, filling in the gaps, strive to maintain team-work spirit and act as a Cop where needed. This guy definitely needs some power in hands so that the team member better respect this Bulldog. Don’t get scared, he or she also needs to be good at manipulating & inspiring his team. He has added roles whenever a bottleneck crops up.

Slacker is the happy-go-lucky types & is bound to irritate you, as he/ she would be the most laid back person about the idea. Either they are not excited, or they are too busy or they have little motivation to finish their roles in time. How to deal with them would again be a case to case basis depending on their motivational levels, personality traits & tests, etc. Deal with him trickily. Have a positive aura around him. He or she should not be looked down upon by the rest of the team members.

Finisher has to see the intricacies and has to be as quasi-perfectionist at stages give, if the project is an ongoing one, which needs regular or tweaks  at several intervals, he should be able to access the requirement of the industry & deliver ahead of his industry to stay on top on competition. This role can be shared by the mentor of the idea or plan also.

The route of traversing your dreams to ideas , and ideas seeing to daylight to execution is what defines success- personal & organisational. Once you have breached the finishing line, grab your energy drink & your breath. And just go back to Dreaming..

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