How re-assessing your Goals can Get you your Heart’s Desire

How re-assessing your Goals can Get you your Heart’s Desire

June is at the brink of my calendar. Its time for some Goal assessment. Am I on track? What is the progress and how much acceleration is needed to achieve them all by the end of this year. Also, have I set them realistically or are they too low to foster my performance?

I studied my excel sheet. Out of 60 things listed in my Goals 2015 Sheet, I was able to give a yes to 13 things , and some of those are a big Yes, meaning I have been tremendous at working on those aspects.

On a remaining 26 things, I have initiated progress. The nature of most of these goals demands me to be either consistent or repetitive at those tasks.

That leaves me on an 21 things I have to mark my progress on. Percentage wise I need to buckle up for 20% of my tasks and gear up on them. Another percentage of 43 needs my constant attention if I have to convert it to a Big Yes on 31st December, 2015.

If I am achieving my goals faster, am not setting them too high. So this calls for a revision of new things I have to do, or those I have adopted.

I have added a few more projects, a few more goals. Increased my reading list to a few more books. The game is to compete with my own self.

To get your hear’s desire re-assess your goals, not just measure them:
Here are top 5 ways you can do it:

  1. Draw a timeline to things most important to you, or which you should have accomplished by now. Act on them daily, weekly, or as per the routine demands.
  2. Follow the concept of “Low Hanging Fruits”? Make yourself feel better by accomplishing the easier ones. This would leave you with more time  & focus for the core tasks.
  3. Record your progress so that it motivates you.
  4. Make the list longer: that is the only way you would run faster and get more competent with yourself. It adds a flavour , a new excitement , a new found love to your yearly goals.
  5. Strike out the ones you do not need. This does not mean you remove the tough goals out of your list. If certain things are seemingly outdated , tweak them.

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