Did you know that a long break can help you find your niche..

Did you know that a long break can help you find your niche..

Long breaks might appear like a total deviation, a waste of time  or  you might feel like you are left behind. But the contrary fact  is that it invigorates you, and you start valuing yourself by gaining greater confidence , and may be find your hidden niche. Thats your golden pot!

By break I mean, it being a month or longer and longer, for any reason or excuse you might want to give yourself, your boss, peers or to your juniors. Wait, it is not just a simple hypothesis, it has it terms and conditions attached. Do you still have the knack for it?

Now don’t come to hunt me down if a  medical expert or surgeon, after taking a long long breaks, shivers while holding those surgical forceps. Obviously, you need to have the continued knack for it.

Of course, I had to look out for the expert blogs of the kind of Jeff Bullas, Joe Pulizzi & kept reading the newsletters from the kind of Social Media T


oday, SM Examiner, Adespresso. I had to crack down new and emerging influencers


and leaders in the industry, including the likes of Garyvee, Neil Patel, etc.;  the podcasts that would bring be back to my now discovered niche. Google Alerts got edited and re-edited all the time while I changed my course, but my core expert and learning areas remained reaching my inbox always. Twitter lists got expanded & came very handy. Whether the process was unlearning and re-learing or coming back with extra zeal, the journey was worth it.

And the best part was I got to experience my infant newborn, and give the attention seeker turned jealous elder daughter (am referring to sibling rivalry) the much needed support. Hell no, I was close to getting torn with headache and the poor younger kid got beaten up at various instances, but I was there, I was there to support both of them and aid to the emotional anxiety of your elder daughter. Alright, a short deviation from where we began.

But, even the male counterparts might experience a getaway, deviation from their existing careers in the lurk and lust for more or something new. Experience it! As there should be no regrets.

Finding your niche is about time
Find your niche in your blank pages of life

“Every body has a choice and more importantly, must have a purpose! “

These words have sunk into me, from the little talk I had attended of one fine coach and trainer- Brijesh Dalmia. After this I have practised and preached this magical line (that changes your perspective instantly)  with many a passerby’s. And shall continue living progressively with it.

This helped me find my niche. Whats your story, do LMK in the comments below.

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