Content marketing is, after all, knowing how much tale to tell

Content marketing is, after all, knowing how much tale to tell

This blog piece discusses the urgency for Content Marketing and how much content is enough content. Some sites offer you complete advices and solutions for free. While others retain some secrets and give away some snippets into their capability to build credibility for that much awaited purchase.

Why do I visit a Site and stick to it ? While I would just close the bars for many others.
Why is my attention span longer for some sites , whereas , I can’t wait to rush to the other pages on the browser or go back to my search engine and hit another link?
Several parameters would effect my choice , and my mouse button to click on.
But today, I wish to contemplate some over the content offered to a reader ( for free). Yes, the most impactful word is “FREE”.
What am I getting from this website without shelling a penny? And is it worth my time? IS it solving my problem, addressing to my query or helping me fulfil my need for hovering over the net?

With so much of clutter and noise on the Internet , I choose to stick to a website for more than 2 minutes , read through the last para , and then may be even subscribe, register or complete the purchase, leave a comment , or click another link.
Now content marketers are smart and greedy. Sorry for using this crude word , but that’s the fact my fellow reader.  My greed is that you continue reading my blog, leave comment, share it in your network, subscribe, invite me for guest posts on your website, and even return to read my posts.

The other word for this greed is fabricated as objective.
What is the objective for writing a particular post or creating/ curating content?
These can be one or many of the following:

  • subscribe to newsletters
  •  make the purchase
  •  leave a comment
  •  interact with the community
  • leave a review
  • return to read
  •  click on the links in the post or related posts
  •  share
  • visit the guest site
  • etc.And what would be the benefits :
  • Direct purchases
  • Influenced marketing
  • Remuneration from ads ( these can be again Of several types)
  • database building so that I can send them more content and ads, and reach my prospective customer’s hearts, oops Email is what I meant.
  •  improve traffic, effecting my website page ranking.

This is, in a very simple words, what content marketing does for you.

But you can not be playing all your cards, give out all that you have and not evaluate what you get in return. Keep knowledge a little secretive , where needed.  True , a candle loses nothing of its own by lighting another candle, but duhhh.. I get paid for my expertise . I have worked hard, read through several pages , wrote many, experimented my knowledge on those Guinea pigs ( I mean on some projects) , and I can not be giving it all away without some bucks in return . But I am not kindle, they would not pay to read books. Perhaps I ain’t writing any books. Just small drops fill the oceans , so do small returns fill up the coffers.
So if you are a content marketing expert or content strategist, you would know how to make Money, without making your customer spend any, or even if it leads to a purchase , they won’t feel the pinch.

Some content strategists do believe in giving away all that they know for free. Because, all that can not be retained or put to practise by your reader. And they would definitely come to you for consultancy despite all the free gyaan just a click away on your website or blog.

The road to a customer’s heart, ward,  email, and wallet is after all through Smart content given away at the right junction.

Now How do we meet them at their junctions? Unlike train stations, a customer is like a wandering nomad in the Internet world. Where do I know who would buy my proposition? Now that is another entangling tale to be told!! As I continue to embark on your learning journey, enjoy reading and spreading the cheer, I mean sharing the content that you like.
Till then , buhhh- bbyee ..

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