Top Formula to bring about change

Top Formula to bring about change

I was taught a new formula today by Mr.Swaran Seghal

Introduction to this man is just 1 liner here- 40 countries, more than 100 Organisations, more that 1000 workshops!

The first few lines in his LinkedIn Profile says-Swaran Sehgal has a rich experience in enterprise behaviour and organisational dynamics, having worked closely with top leadership teams of several Fortune 500 companies. In his role as Partner and Head of leadership consulting practice at Grant Thornton, Swaran helps dynamic businesses catapult to the next level of growth.

Now lets quickly back to the formula-

ΔC= f (D x fss x GV ) + ∅

Delta C= Change

D= Disgust

fss= First small step

GV= Guiding Vision

∅= Luck

Now the change you wish to bring about is a multiplication of the factors above, added by some luck.

Disgust is mere dissatisfaction for the self, not being happy , not being there where you wish to be and the fight with the self to bring about the change.  Rest of the factors are self-explanatory. Understanding the importance of every factor is going to bring about change. Assuming, none of the multiplication factor would be Null in your life,  a slight increase or decrease can change the result of the entire formula.

Next thing to bear in mind is  the following image:


Internalisation Vs Externalisation

Externalisation- depending on others, the system, to bring about the change, pointing & resting dependency on them for the changes you wish in your life.

Internalisation is reflecting on the self, and working on it. And this process is anti-gravity. And it has to go up, but is pulled down by the force- that force constitues of the detractors, the people who would always push you back, but you need to resist and thrust yourself ahead.

In the story of metamorphosis , you own the roles, just like that butterfly, who goes through its stages of life cycle in the journey of its transformation. Besides, you have to own the bad & good roles just like in a romantic story.

Various quotes, anecdotes, industry example, make you move in your self-inspiration and that made me take a resolution to read 2 Biographies this year.

Behavioural Science says we are born manipulators. And also that Values (be it your own or that of your organisation) need to translate into behaviour and then into economy.There is no fun , if it can’t trickle down to excel sheet, your P& L statement, your Balance Sheet.


Out of all the examples & stories, I wish to share the Story of the White Shark Experiment, which was separated by a small fish in an aquarium via a Glass wall. Now every time the share would come closer to the fist to eat it, boom, it would hit the thick glass wall. Now finally after a week, the glass wall was removed, and the shark sped towards the fish, but suddenly stopped, because it believed the smaller fish was more powerful and the small fist nibbled up the shark.  So it’s believing who you are, and breaking those glass walls that exist in your own mind!  Really.

Now where is this blog piece taking me- its taking be back to the smaller steps I resolute to take daily, explore and continue to be dissatisfied somewhere, and expand my Guiding vision, which is as of now stated in my mind as ” I do not want to be selling things to people”. I want to think of a value addition bigger than that.  Rest is the addition of luck.

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