This is why networking is important

This is why networking is important

Just as my blog name suggests, my curiosity feeds on learning , and learning takes shape via discovering . I can learn about a new topic, only if I hear of it at someplace .

With the dynamic evolution happening in every field, there are chances we have been left behind beyond what time and space can measure .

Google , YouTube , or say search engines have helped me make my own discoveries. These internet giants play insurmountable role in our lives,but these are not the end , these are not the complete solution of all that we seek to achieve.

Networking helps- online as well as offline . meet new people, build them up with your networking, with your charm, with your genuine interest. And people are waiting to show you the path. Of course, the speed with which you wish to travel depends on which ticket you buy.

Twitter and Facebook have become powers of connecting , if I were to say. There are handles, pages, groups,communities for everything that exists under the skies of the earth , and perhaps beyond. Explore , explore and netork is the Mantra that I follow and you are then not far from entering new arenas of life .

Entry barriers are not that high, when it comes to building newer tacit & meeting newer people.

it’s all about curious minds & their connectedness after all !

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