What Wikipedia can’t tell you about – “How to create Audience Personas”

What Wikipedia can’t tell you about – “How to create Audience Personas”

Often called- marketing persona, buyer person- defining Audience Persona is a must if you care for your customers, and if you wish to sell rightly & righteously  A lot of reading, research , and repeated readings made me write the audience persona of I got introduced to the topic in Joe Pullizi’s magnificent book- Epic Content Marketing.

Following are some examples I referred to while designing the audience personas for my organisation:

 Writing Audience Persona is just the beginning to drafting, compiling and making a whole new range and types of charts, that would assist your content marketing.How do you write it?

Start with giving them a name and some demographic details. Find answers to a number of questions about your each type of audience: Who, What , Where, their problems, gap in their lives or career, their needs, etc.And how do you get the details to your audience? Spend time with them, observe your customers, become involved in the sales funnel, buying process, step into the shoes of your salespeople, gather the data from your backend, notice patterns, etc. Dive into feedback sheets, Google analytics, Social media listening, web analytics, customer surveys. Set up google alerts, follow google trends.Make the audience personas sufficiently detailed and as many as they cover up the maximum of your audience.Remember, its not going to happen overnight, and some one who has worked for a considerable while in your organisation will be an ideal person to assist into framing the audience personas. Also remember to iterate, change them whenever the need arises. And do not make up things about your audience.For my current organisation, I wrote some 3 audience personas:

-Defining their ideal jobs, day at work.
-Top 5-7 priorities in his/her life (which definitely need not be be sticking to your product or solutions) as per their personal and professional stage in life,
-How is he involved with our website,
-How did we acquire him,
-What are his barriers to buying our products,
-How can we solve his pain points,
-How will he become our evangelist, and finally,
-What will be his changing needs?

This framework itself will help answer a lot of answers from within your organisation.

Wondering what to do once you have create the Audience Personas?

Here are the Top 10 ways creating Buyer Personas will assist in your marketing efforts

You shall find a lot of references online on this topic, I referred to these:

The best resource I could get my eyes on and a very helpful tool is :

Another helpful read was – Ch.2 from Yahoo Style Guide.

BTW , this is what Wikipedia says about Personas:

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